The Northern Lights

Fanad in the snow

Fanad in the snow

It’s been a mild winter so far in contrast to the snow and ice of last year which I must say I loved – for walking that is! For drivers it was not so easy.

Photo: Roo McCrudden

Photo: Roo McCrudden

This winter it has been wet – so much rain – and very, very stormy. Being on the coast we experienced very dramatic days with very high waves – in fact a wave of over 20 metres was recorded off the coast of Donegal – the biggest ever.

The winter skies can be very beautiful – dark clouds, piercing sunshine, rainbows and forever changing.
And this January many people have been coming to Donegal to see the Aurora Borealis or The Northern Lights. Lots of people planned their weekends around it so it was a welcome boost for tourism here in the winter. Most unusual but a sight of those fabulous colours kept many people outdoors at night hoping for a glimpse.

Northern Light

Photo: Gregory Clarke

The Northern Lights from space - Photo: ESA/NASA

The Northern Lights from space – Photo: ESA/NASA

Now the days are stretching and there’s a feeling of spring in the air – it’s already Celtic Spring although many people think it starts in March. But really when you feel it inside then spring is here!

I’m looking forward to seeing nature leaving winter behind and to seeing our hills and headlands again with new growth and wonderful flowers.

What I’m looking forward to most this year is meeting new people, hearing new stories and watching their happiness at being in Donegal!